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Maps And Directions

BLA Tournament OCTOBER 1st

Get off the I-90 at exit 57
After going through the tollbooth take a right turn on to Camp Rd.
Follow Camp Rd. to the first light (make sure you get into the left lane).
At the light turn left on to Route 20 (Southwestern Blvd.)
Follow Rt. 20 to the third light (Lakeview Rd)
Turn left on to Lakeview Rd.
Follow Lakeview Rd about 3 miles on the left you will pass a group of Soccer Fields. Take a left at the parking lot just after the soccer fields just before the baseball diamonds. You will see the Lacrosse Fields just off the parking lot.



Torunament Rules



Tournament Rules

The tournament will follow NYS High School Lacrosse Rules except the following:

There will be absolute no body checks allowed. Players must play the ball at all times.
Teams will field two attackman, three midfielders, two defensemen and one goalie.
Each game consists of two 15 minute running time periods. Penalty time is stop time and is kept on the field by the referee. A game ending tied is decided by a sudden-death overtime, which begins immediately after regulation time with a face-off.
Each period begins with a face-off. Wing middies must be positioned to the left of their face-off man, at the intersection of the sideline and the midline. Defensemen and attackmen must remain behind the goal line extended until the referees signal possession. The goalie must remain in the crease area until possession is signaled.
After a goal is scored the ball is awarded to the scored upon goalie who puts the ball in play from his crease area. A referee must whistle to indicate play has recommenced.
Penalties are called and served as they are in regular field lacrosse. The referee releases penalized players when their serve time has expired. Penalty time does not start until the penalized player takes a knee, out of bounds, at the midline, on the bench side of the field.
Each team is allotted one timeout
Team members must wear matching jerseys or tank tops which are numbered
Maximum of three long sticks on the field at a time. Box sticks are illegal. All stick heads and handles must meet NCAA regulations (40-42 inches long or 52-72 inches long, head must be 6 ½ inches wide across the top, ball may not rest in pocket below the bottom edge of the head when stick is held parallel to the ground, etc.).